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Get Best Quotes A young woman and broken heart? Must be disposed of by her playmate and now she is hunting down a heart broken Quotes for her whatsapp. We know how to know your torment so here we are giving some proposition what you should make your Broken Heart Whatsapp Status for such circumstance and these are just broken heart Quotes for young women. Just drag, copy and paste any of the following broken heart Whatsapp status as your whats app status or Broken Heart Quotes.

Best broken heart whatsapp statuse are mentioned below and contain the best heartbroken status that will express the exact emotions that you are feeling right now. Mostly people get their heart broken by their love ones and friends and yes they naturally want to express the emotions on whatsapp in front of social circle where they get some different comments by different people.

The mentioned below statuses on broken hearts will really represent you in whatsapp by words like what you are feeling at the moment. Just copy one of the best you like the most and paste on your whatsapp profile and start getting the massive response.

Just polish your feelings getting the ideas and extend the emotions using the following statuses for your facebook or whatsapp profiles. This is the best place to get the most attractive and impressive whatsapp statuses.  Like one of the statuses “It’s sad when you realize you are not as important to someone as you thought you were”.

The above discussed status is most impressive and literally it’s really a practical approach and this is the reality of the world as well. People pretend to show that they consider you important, but actually it’s not like that.

Another attractive line from the following like “No one will ever understand how much it hurts”, and yes this is also a reality of people and there are bundle of quotes and whatsapp broken heart statuses that are mentioned below, you just need to past the status and express your broken heart emotions.

Best, Broken Heart, Quotes, Sad Love, Quotes, For Girls

  1. Paas Aane Ki Ummeed Thi Jinse,
    Wohi Faasle Banaate Chale Gaye,
    Hum Toh Paas Aane Ki Koshish Me The,
    Na Jaane Kyon Woh Dooriya Badhate Chale Gaye….
  2. I tried really hard, I promise. But one day I just woke up and I couldn’t handle it anymore
  3. ”There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief… and unspeakable love.”-Washington Irving
  4. She is the kind of girl who is always smiling and loves to laugh
  5. ”Breaking up. It happens kind of suddenly. One minute, you’re holding hands walking down the street, and the next minute, you’re lying on the floor crying and all the good CDs are missing.”-Kennedy Kasares
  6. It’s sad when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were
  7. Bachpan me jb khilona tut jata tha,
    hum kitna rote the par
    phir b gehri neend me sote the,
    ab dil b tute to roya nhi krte,
    par fir b raat bhar soya nhi krte.
  8. No one will ever understand how much it hurts
  9. ”There were many ways of breaking a heart. Stories were full of hearts being broken by love, but what really broke a heart was taking away its dream-whatever that dream might be.”-Pearl Buck
  10. Sad love quotes about: I never stopped loving you, I just stopped showing it
  11. Best, Broken Heart, Quotes, Sad Love, Quotes, For Girls11. Chal diye woh hamko bhulakar.
    Bhari mehfil me hamko rulakar.
    Ab to aur nikhar gaye hai woh.
    Kajal jo lagaya hai mere dil ko jalakar..”
  12. ”How do you know love is gone? If you said that you would be there at seven and you get there by nine, and he or she has not called the police – it’s gone.”-Marlene Dietrich
  13. Sirf najdikiyo se mohabbat hua nahi karti,
    Fasle jo dilon me ho to fir chahat hua nhi karti
    Agar naraz ho khafa ho to shikayat karo hamse
    Khamosh rahne se dilo ki duriya mita nhi karti.
  14. ”Love seeketh not itself to please, nor for itself hath any care, but for another gives its ease, and builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair.”-William Blak
  15. Beauty doesn’t make love but love makes beauty,
    Break everything but never break the heart,
    Heart is the music, play it but never play with it.
  16. ”We all have our ‘good old days’ tucked away inside our hearts, and we return to them in daydreams like cats to favorite armchairs.”-Brian Carter
  17. Kaash use chahne ka arman na hota,
    Main hosh me rehte hue anjan na hota
    Na pyar hota kisi pathar dil se humko,
    Ya phir koyi pathar dil insaan na hota.
  18. ”Trouble is a part of life, and if you don’t share it, you don’t give the person who loves you enough chance to love you enough.”-Dinah Shore
  19. Kitna ajeeb apni zindagi ka safar nikla,
    Saare jahan ka dard apna muqaddar nikla,
    Jiske nam apni zindagi ka har lmha kar diya
    Afsos whi humari chahat se bekhabar nikla.
  20. Khafa Hone Se Pehle Khata Bata Dena,
    Rulane Se Pehle hasna Sikha Dena,
    Agar Jana Ho kabhi Humse Dur aapko,

Broken Heart SMS in Love for Gf/Bf

Best, Broken Heart, Quotes, Sad Love, Quotes, For Girls, Broken Heart, SMS in Love

The Day You Broke My Heart..,
Will Be The Day That I Will Never Forget.
I Re-Read Our Old Text Messages Repeatedly,
Just To Reminisce On The Good Times We Had.
We Were Two People Of The Same Kind,
And What We Shared Was Beautiful..,
Now All I Got Is Memories
And A Heart Full Of Pain.


Suna Hai Wo Jate Hue Keh Gay Eke Ab To Hum Sirf Tumare Khabo Me Ayenge,

Koi Keh De Unse Ke Wo Wada Kar Lee,

Hum Jindagi Bhar Ke Liye So Jayenge…


I May Forget What You Said,
Or Forget What You Did…
But I Will Never Forget
How You Have Made Me Feel.


Jane Kya Soch Ke
Lehrein Sahil Se Takrati
Aur Phir Se Vapis Laut
Jati Hain;
Samaj Nahi Ata Ke Woh
Kinaro Se Bewafai Karti
Ya Phir Laut Ke
Samandar Se Wafa
Nibhati Hain!


It Hurt, To Know The One
I Loved With All My Heart,
Obviously Did Not Feel The Same Way.
My Heart Will Always Be Incomplete
Without Its Other Half..
Which Will Probably Always Be You.


Nahi tum sy koi shikayat Bas itni si Iltija hay

Jo Haal kar gay ho khabhi aa ky dekh jana..


If Only You Could See
The Pain You Caused Me.
If You Could Only For a Moment
Pay Attention to My Breaking Heart.


Tere pyar mein khudko aisa khoya Na Din Mein Soya Na Raat mein Roya … Ab To unki Ruswai se bhi Pyar hai hume,,, Bas khuda se Milne ka Intejaar hai hume Rote Rote Unki Bewafaai hassa jati hai…
Ae khuda tu baata Itna Dard kyu hai jab Unki yaad aati hai…


The Longest Distance On Earth……..
Is Not North To South,
It Is When……..
I Stand In Front Of U And..
U Ignore Me..


“Kitne DUR Nikal Gaye
RISHTE Nibhate Nibhate…
KHUD Ko KHO Diya Humne
APNO Ko Pate Pate…
LOG Kehte Hain Hum MUSKRATE Bahut Hain…
Aur Hum THAK Gaye
DARD chhupate chhupate…!”


Don’t Trust too much.
Don’t Hope too much
Don’t LOVE too much.
Because that TOO MUCH can hurt you SO MUCH .. !!


Best, Broken Heart, Quotes, Sad Love, Quotes, For Girls, Broken Heart, SMS in Love

I have tried to move on
but with every guy
I feel more & more
like I’ll never be able to replace u.
And the sad thing is…
I know I have already been replaced


Gum ki mujh par kuch aisi najar ho gayi
Jab bhi hum hase ye aankhe nam ho gayi
Hum roye bhi toh wo jaan naa sake…aur
Wo udas b huye to hume khabar ho gayi. frown.png


Our hearts still ache in sadness,
And secret tears still flow,
What it meant to lose you,
No one will ever know.


Kaise Gujharti hai Meri Har Ek Shaam Tere Bagair,
Agar Tu Dekhle To Kabhi Tanhaa Na Chhodtey Mujhe..!


kisi k ishq mein be khud
kisi ki chha mein bebas
kisi izhaar ki khatir
mohabbat kal hoi thi jo!
mohabbat ab nahi hogi


Zaroori toh nahi jo khushi de usi se
pyar ho..
Kyunki.. Sacchi Mohabbat toh
aksar dil todne wale se hi hoti hai…!!


Ajeeb Lagti Hy Sham Kabhi Kabhi
Zindagi Lagti Hy Bejaan Kabhi Kabhi
Samajh Mein Aaey To Humein Bhi Btana K
Kiun Kerti Hein Yaadein Preshan
Kabhi Kabhi


Raat ki tanhai mein unko awaaz diya karte hain
Raat mein sitaaron se unka zikre kiya karte hain
Woh ayen ya na ayen humare khwabon mein
Hum toh bus unhi ka intezaar kiya karte hain


Jo chala gaya mujhe chor ke,,
Main kabhi na usko bhula saka..

Wohi duriyaan wohi faslay,,
Main kabhi na unko mita saka..

Kya Use bhi mujh se pyar tha,,
Ya’n shayad use shaoor tha..

Wo koi ajeeb sawal tha,,
Jo mere samjh main na aa saka..

Meri zindagi ka sakoon tha wo,,
Mere dil ka aik junoon tha wo..

Yahi sochta tha main rat bhar,,
Yahi baat na main us ko bata saka..

Jo kabhi milega bahir to,,
Karunga main us se shikaytien..

Wo mila to main lab na hila saka,,
Main kabhi na usko bhula saka..


Aap bas kalam uthaye rakhna,
Hum likhna sikha denge,
Hotho pe sajaye rakhna wahi pyari muskaan,
Aur hum khushi me mitna sikha denge


meri barbad zindagii ke kisse sunte hai sabhi…..

jese koi kahani sunte hai sabhi

me ro ro kar sunati hu…….

or mazak banate hai sabhi………. ….

meri zindagi ke kisso pe hasne waalo……

koi tum par na hase kabhi ……..


mohabbat na karna kabhi………. ;(


Agr wo apni Mohabt Hme banale
hm Unka hr khwab apni palko Pe Sajale
kregi kaise maut hme unse juda
Agr vo hme apni RUH me basale.


Ek dil mere dil ko zakham de gaya,
Jindagi bhar jine ki kasam de gaya,
Laakhon pholoo me se ek phol chuna humne,
Jo kanto se ghayri chuban de gaya.


Teri Yaad mein hum khud ko bhula baithe
kya aad karte tum hume jab hum apni hasti hi mitha baithe,
Guma hota jo kabhi tere ishq ka
Isi dar se hum apni hasti hi mitha baithe…


Mujhe Ishq me iljamo ki parwah nahi ,
Mai ashiq hu jurm-e-ishq ka gawah nahi,

Teri khusi isme hai to mai hajir hu samne,
Lakh sitam kar lo mere labo pe ahh nahi,

Mujhe samjha ke waqt jaaaya kar rahe ho,
Ishq me magrur log lenge kabhi salah nahi,
Chalo mana tune bhula diya hai mujhe,
Ye kahte hua kya bhingi teri nigah nahi,
Mai sar ko jhuka lu mumkin hi nahi hai,
Hai kaun badshah mujhe parwah nahi …..

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